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Animal trainer Trevor Smith has more than 30 years experience filming with just about every animal you can imagine. From a house fly to a hippo the star of the hit TV series Wild Thing guarantees to provide that animal magic for your next production
Produced & directed by John Gubba
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Featuring the amazing real-life adventures of Trevor Smith - the most versatile animal handler on the planet - Wild Thing is a documentary series with universal appeal. From feature films to pop promos, we go behind the scenes to see the Dr Dolittle of the filming world in action. From the staging of a mouse race in Beirut . . . and the filming of a TV commercial in the UK with Sheena the leopard . . . to wild cobras in Egypt with Omar Sharif.
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Ever wondered who supplied the animals for that latest feature film or commercial? From the rats in Mission Impossible to the Tiger in the Esso commercial Trevor Smith has a glamorous CV . . . and we have exclusive access to this amazing world. There are 13 episodes in series one. COMING SOON . . . the new adventures of Wild Thing
vulture on set
mouse race in Beirut
trevor + croc on set
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WILD THING SERIES ONE - 13 episodes x 30 mins. Produced by VSI Enterprises. Tel: +44 1628 477006. info@vsi-enterprises.com
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surfing dogTrevor Smith on WildThingTVmouse race
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